Has Sony Missed the Mark with Project Q, their New Handheld Gaming Device?

During their recent Playstation Showcase, Sony finally announced their long-rumoured Playstation handheld – Project Q.

The new device features an 8-inch screen, with controller attachments on either side that look like a DualSense controller with a screen in the middle, and will allow players to stream games that are installed on their PS5 to the handheld over wifi. The problem is, this isn’t exactly the ‘PSP 2’ that gamers have been hoping for since the PS Vita and, in fact, it’s difficult to understand exactly what purpose the device serves.

Currently, it is already possible to stream games from both the PS4 and PS5 directly to most Android and iOS devices, through the use of the Playstation Remote Play app, and this seems to be the same functionality that Project Q will offer. Where as competitor handhelds, such as the Steam Deck, are capable of installing and playing games directly on the console without the need for an active Wi-Fi connection, it looks as though the Project Q will simply act as a dedicated streaming device for the Remote Play app – and there is still no word on whether the device will allow streaming games via the PS Now service.

As someone who uses the Remote Play app on iOS to stream games during my dinner breaks, or if I’m desperate to play a game whilst my partner watches TV, I feel as though the current mobile app already provides all of the functionality that Project Q will offer. For that reason, it’s difficult to say exactly what would motivate me to buy into Sony’s PS5 handheld, rather than carrying on using the mobile app.

Of course, at this time details are still scarce on the full features that Project Q will offer. If the device will allow users to stream games from PS Now, something the mobile app does not offer, then maybe that will be the selling point gamers need to buy into the console. There is a possibility that Project Q will be so reasonably priced that it could convince gamers to purchase a dedicated Playstation streaming device, and maybe that’s what Sony are going for, but as it currently stands, it’s unclear exactly why Sony are making this console at all.

Do You Need a PS5 for Project Q?

Yes. As Sony have stated in their recent showcase, Project Q will work in tandem with your PS5 console, meaning that the new PS5 handheld can only stream games that are currently installed on your home console.

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