Final Fantasy 16 – Don’t Miss These 2 Side Quests in Moore Village

If you are one of the 3 million people who have been enjoying Final Fantasy 16 for the last few weeks, you may have been slightly underwhelmed by the side quests on offer throughout the first few hours of the game. Many players have stated they are outright skipping side quests all together, but I highly recommend giving them another chance – particularly the first two quests offered outside the village of Moore.

Warning: minor spoilers for FF16’s lore ahead.

There has been some discourse about the ‘MMO-like’ nature of FF16’s side quests. For instance, the majority consist of simple fetch quests such as “Please take this plate of food to the customer sitting over there.” – seriously, and for the first 10 hours or so you are rarely offered any that add additional context to the overall story, nor are they particularly exciting mechanically.

Then all of a sudden you meet a character called the Dame of the Vale around 10 or so hours into the story, who directs you toward the village of Moore in search of a missing friend. 

At this point in the story, most NPCs in the game have expressed a dislike of Bearers – those born with magic who are treated as slaves throughout Final Fantasy 16’s world of Valisthea. Even so, the Dame warns the main character Clive, a Bearer himself, that the people of Moore are even less tolerant of Bearers than many others. 

I won’t spoil the story content of what follows, but once you arrive at the outskirts of Moore you should see markers for 2 side quests appear, ‘All Bark’ and ‘Playthings’.

If you have yet to reach this point in the game, be on the lookout for these quests. The story content of both genuinely took me by surprise, helping transition the game into a darker tone that had been building for the hour or so prior to this section. They may not be very long, taking around 1 or 2 minutes to complete each, but what happens in that short time resonates long into the rest of the game.

Final Fantasy 16 has proven to be a great game so far. The story is exciting, the characters are extremely loveable, the combat is fast-paced and fun (even if it is incredibly easy), and FF16s Eikon battles, in particular, give the series a great new dynamic that could hopefully be carried into future entries.

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